HR interview questions and answers for freshers

shivam jaiswal
5 min readSep 15, 2019

I will told HR interview questions and answers for freshers. As you know that Fresher students Worried about their HR interview questions and answers .

They have always question to themselves that “which question will be asking by company HR”. So that they hire you in best post.
For facing the first HR interview, freshers don’t know about the interview and always worried about these problems.
So today I am shivam jaiswal and sharing my personal experiences about HR interview questions. These are the basics question and answers. After knowing these questions, you can figure out the common HR interview questions and answers problems and crack every interview.

Q1. Tell me about yourself

So the first HR interview questions is Tell me yourself.
Here you are definitely not going to tell the interviewer about your favorite dish, film or actor! The interviewer asks the question to analyze how you present yourself. The best way to answer this general interview question by HR is to tell the hiring manager about your family’s background, education and hobbies. However, it should not look like a story of your life and you should focus on sharing a little bit about your strengths which helps you to create a platform for further discussion about suitability for job openings.

Q2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is one of the most important new interviews as the employer analyzes your strengths for the job role and tries to understand the challenges faced in the new job role. Therefore, be cautious while stating any of your strengths or weaknesses. A good idea is to share the strengths that pertain to the job. The answer to such an interview for an electrical engineer job interview would be to talk about your expertise in the evaluation of sample electrical products, systems and components, if you are confident to answer any questions related to it. Finally, even saying that you are a quick learner adds value to your strengths.

This becomes important when you have to share your weaknesses, that too with your hiring manager. However, it is never recommended to say that you have no weakness because it makes you look arrogant. Therefore, choose a weakness that does not affect your current job role. For example, you are afraid of sleeping alone can be your weakness!

Q3. What are your hobbies?

In your newinterview questions, you can also expect some basic interview questions ask by HR such as what are your hobbies. Now if you wonder why an employer is interested in knowing about your hobby, this is an important interview questions. The interviewer tries to find out about your personality, your energy level and how fit you can be to the company’s culture. Therefore, share something that values ​​your skills such as traveling and meeting people if you are appearing for a client-meeting role. Even some common hobbies such as sports or reading reflect your activism.

Q4. Why we should hire you?

With this tricky HR interview questions and answer, the employer wants to see your skills and your ability to pitch solid strength. Furthermore, this interview question is an opportunity to show the interviewer your desire for the job. The best way to answer this interview question for freshers is to talk about your skills and strengths that match the job role. You can also share some more examples of managing some projects or important assignments in your college that reflect your strengths.

Q5. Why do you want to work with this company?

Companies mostly ask this general interview questions for freshers about what they want and how much they know about the company they are appearing for. Therefore, it is always recommended to know about the background, values, operations, services and other important details of the company.

Q6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

As a first job interview, it is often difficult to answer this interview questions for freshers. Of course, at this stage, we are more concerned about the first year of our job and planning for about 5 years is challenging for many freshers. Don’t worry, here’s how you can ace this new interview questions. The idea of ​​asking this question is mainly to examine two things. Firstly, the desire to stay with your company for a long time, and secondly, how well you plan about your career goals.

Q7. What are your salary expectations?

As a fresh graduate, it is exciting to talk about your first salary, but a difficult task. The best way to answer this basic interview questions by HR is to do some research beforehand so that you can confidently take a reasonable range.

Q8. Do you have any questions for us?

Most job interviews close on this basic interview questions where the interviewer leaves the scope to clear your doubts. Also, asking questions shows that you are a confident and focused person who wants clarity for their job. Many fresh graduates hesitate to ask the interviewer questions, but it is always recommended to ask some relevant questions.

Q9. Why do you think you deserve this job?

Because I believe that my talent and skills will definitely be a big contribution in advancing the excellence of your company. I am a fast worker and hardworking person who can be a very reliable asset to this company.

Q10. How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?

It doesn’t matter how much he/she old. I respect to his skills ability and talent and it is my duty to work properly.I am not hesitate. First My work is very important and I am reporting to that designation.

Q11. On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

Thanks for giving this opportunity but I have not such position to rate you as a interviewer because you are a experienced person but for this opportunity, I will give 9/10 because no one is perfect and there is always be a scope of improvement.

Q12.How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

Generally, I completed my work at a right time. If it is not completed in right time then I don’t care about night and weekends. I will complete work and I will be always active for this condition.

Q14. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

A smart worker handle all situation either there is easy or hard. And they are always finding a easy way for his work to complete.
While A hard worker waste his power to complete that work.


I think after reading these HR Interview questions and answer for freshers , you got some idea about HR interview what the interviewer asking. I am also saying to all don’t worry about interview problems this is not a Big Bang Theory. Make yourself self motivated because it will be very helpful to acheiveing your goals.

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