Fortnight should be banned — Prince Harry Thinks

shivam jaiswal
4 min readSep 22, 2019

Speaking at a program in London last night, Prince Harry spoke on AKA The Duke of Sussex AK, a very intelligent man, whose worldly position is completely down for qualification, called for banning Fortnight.

Yes, the ginger ninja once again is thinking of us, who thinks of the French Revolution: “to be blissful was in that vibration” as Wordsworth wrote, “But there was a lot of heavens to be young.” Now obviously the French Revolution had gone a bit wrong, but what it did gives the glimpse of various ‘Leader the Hunt’ modes along with the initial glimpse of the war royale style.

Returning to some version of reality, Haza made Fortnight’s claim: “That game should not be allowed. Where is the benefit of having your home? It has been made for addiction, Is it an addiction? As long as possible, it is very irresponsible.

It is like waiting for the loss to happen and your doors and family are breaking. “

Wow! They are some wild claims and note that he talks about Fortnite on a removing like it is a bottle thus or a crack pipe or something else: What is the benefit of being in your home?

Well, friend, it’s fun, and it’s free, and we can not eat all the money for the taxpayer’s money every day, like fries are eating a sandwich. The more I think about this intervention, in reference to the fracture frustrations and penance policies in the country, the UK has a network of all types of social security, the more provocative and tone-deaf. I mean, there are more chances of contributing to breaking families: The absence of poverty and the beginning of the beginning, or the intervention plan like an escapist cartoon shooter, which everyone can play for free with their peers.

This is not the first time when we’ve heard of Harry’s gaming habits, obviously, he is more of FIFA. He said, “You can ask people: I fed them in FIFA all the time.” “The exam was always a nightmare, but anything happens like hitting the ball or play station or flying — I usually find it easier to walk.”

It is probably worth the ending at the last point. Prince Harry was a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, and he is not exactly as I tell the psychiatrist’s doctor. Most people who play Fortnight, they have probably not killed anyone, but Prince Harry has it and he is very precise about the whole thing. Even he uses a gaming metaphor to explain it:

“Take a life to save one’s life, that is what we wander around, if we are trying to do bad things with our people, then we will take them out of the game.”

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